Event Details

Inverness Adult Graded (Springfield Scottish Squash Open)
Friday, 22nd September 2023
Saturday, 23rd September 2023

5 Bishops Road
Inverness Tennis & Squash Club
Inverness, Highland IV3 5SB

Event Description
The Springfield Scottish Squash Open (a PSA Challenger Tour sanctioned competition) will take place at Inverness Tennis & Squash Club from the 20th - 24th September 2023.

The Inverness Adult Graded Competition provides the opportunity for players of all abilities to compete in a social competition alongside the Springfield Scottish Squash Open professional event.

The Inverness Adult Graded Competition will take place from Friday 22nd - Saturday 23rd September. The competition is open to all players and age groups, of any standard, across six grades. Players should enter the grade that they feel is most suitable to their ability, with Grade A aiming to be for experienced players and Grade F for less experienced players. Please note you may be moved to a different grade after entering, upon review by the tournament organisers.

Players are guaranteed a three match minimum. One match will take place on the Friday from approx. 16:00 onwards, two matches will take place on Saturday between 09:00 - 18:00. Some flexibility can likely be built in for travelling players to take part so please let us know if you would benefit from a later time on the Friday evening.

The Inverness Adult Graded Competition is a Silver sanctioned Scottish Squash competition.

Juniors Under 15 may be interested in the Inverness Junior Bronze taking place on Sunday 24th September: https://www.sportyhq.com/tournament/view/ITSC-Junior-Competition-SSSO

For further information and to purchase tickets for the 2023 Springfield Scottish Squash Open visit the Official Event Website - http://scottishsquashopen.com/home/

The below information includes the schedule of the professional competition which you may wish to purchase tickets for if you are opting to take part in the Inverness Adult Graded. Tickets can be purchase through Eventbrite - https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/2023-springfield-scottish-squash-open-tickets-533804663117

Quarter Finals
Friday 22nd September, session 1. Play commences 12:00 (includes 2x men's quarter-finals + 2x women's quarter-finals)
Friday 22nd September, session 2. Play commences 17:00 (includes 2x men's quarter-finals + 2x women's quarter-finals)

Saturday 23rd, session 1. Play commences 14:00 (includes 1x men's semi-final + 1x women's semi-final)
Saturday 23rd, session 2. Play commences 19:00 (includes 1x men's semi-final + 1x women's semi-final)

Sunday 24th, finals session. Play commences 15:00 (includes men's and women's final)