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CAMPS BAY LADDER RULES VER 1 Date : 13/03/2020

1. Existing players can challenge two spots above them if all other challenge rules are satisfied. If a challenger wins he moves to the challenged player’s position and affected players below this position move one spot down on the ladder.

2. Matches will be best-of-5 games and games are played to 15 points unless both players agree to play to 11 points

3. Once a challenge has been logged*, the match must be completed in 10 days.
a. If the challenged player can’t make time to play the match, the challenged player forfeits
b. Reasonable scheduling issues** will be resolved by the Ladder Referee

4. If a challenger wins with a result of 3-2 in games, the result is not valid and a re-match can be scheduled in 10 days. If the challenger wins the re-match 3-2 again, the result is valid

5. A challenger can place only one challenge at a time. After the match result, can a follow-up challenge be made given that rules 6 to 10 are satisfied

6. A player can’t challenge a player “under” challenge until the match is completed. i.e. One cannot challenge the loser of a match before the match is completed.

7. A challenged player cannot challenge anyone before the match he/she is challenged to play is complete.

8. The loser of a match can’t challenge anyone for 7 days after said match, but can be challenged in that period; and if challenged, he/she has to play that match as first order. Rule 8 is not applicable to new players to the ladder.

9. The loser of a match can’t re-challenge the winner of said match for 14 days. Refer to Rule 4 for the exception.

10. The winner of a challenge match has 7 days to make a challenge and can’t be challenged in that period; unless the winner chooses not to challenge further AND agrees to being challenged.

11. New players to the ladder must challenge in on the ladder. If the challenger loses a match, the next challenge attempt must be four (or more) positions on the ladder lower than the previous player he/she challenged. Rule 8 is not applicable to new players to the ladder.

12. When two Camps Bay members play a match in a provincial or national tournament; or the Camps Bay Club Championship, the match will be considered as a challenge match, where and the 2-position rule (Rule 1) is not applicable.

*Logging a challenge and capturing results
-The challenger must send an email to to log the challenge.
-Personal messages to the Ladder Referee will also count as logging a challenge, but in the case of a dispute, challenges logged via the cbayladder email address takes preference.
-The challenger captures the match results on SportyHQ ladder; the challenged player must check if the match result is captured correctly
**Reasonable scheduling issues and solutions
-If a player is away for work/holiday or injury for up to 3 weeks, it is considered a reasonable excuse and the challenged player can pause the challenge for 3 weeks from the day the challenge is logged.
-Players that are away for longer than 3 weeks can choose to be taken off the ladder (instead of forfeiting a challenge). The player will then have to challenge in according to Rule 9.
-The Ladder Referee can choose to take players off the ladder who are away, even if it is less than 3 weeks. The player will then have to challenge in according to Rule 9.