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Event Related Questions:

Event related questions must be sent to the event organizer or sanctioning body. SportyHQ has limited capacity to help you with your enquiry and will most likely be unable to help you with your issue.

If your question is related to:

  • Event entries, refunds, changes or cancelations
  • Anything related to results in an event
  • Ranking-related queries
  • Scheduling problems
  • Venue or other event information

... then you will need to contact the event directly. To do this, please go to the event's page in SportyHQ. On that page, you will see (in the left or right column) a box that lists all of the administrators associated with the event. Next to each of their names, you'll see an email envelope icon that you can click to start an email message to them.

If your attempts to contact them directly fail, then please feel free to reach out to us.

Membership Related Questions

Membership related questions must be sent directly to the association. SportyHQ will be unable to assist you with your membership enquiry unless it has first been sent to the governing body to which the membership belongs.

To contact your governing body, please visit their website and click on the Contact page to find their associated contact details.

Should you have any problems or need further assistance, please feel free to contact SportyHQ.

Results and Rankings Related Questions

Questions relating to results or rankings, including corrections, reversals or any other inquiry, must be sent to the governing body associated with the result.

  • For club results (box leagues, challenge matches), please contact your club's administrator.
  • For league results, please contact the league administrator.
  • For tournament results, please contact the tournament's director.

SportyHQ will not be able to change or remove any results without the permission of the appropriate governing authority. Therefore, please contact them first and feel free to reach out to us if you still are unable to resolve the issue with them.