2017 Squash League #2 (PEI-SPA)

Start Date:
15th November 2017
End Date:
20th December 2017

Rules are set up to promote playing matches and getting them completed within a reasonable time. - You get 1 point for showing up and supporting your team on league night. - You get one point for each win. - You get one point for the match. - Please make every attempt to be available for the whole team encounter in order to provide referees and team support. - If you miss a night you have until the next scheduled league night to get your match in. - You can challenge up 1 position at a time on your own team. You can only challenge once per week. (Challenges are scheduled on your own time and you cover your own costs for court use) - Make every effort to accept your challenges or you may lose your position. - Challenge results need to be in by Monday night. - The schedule and team list will change frequently; it is important to let Ken know results of challenge matches so people know who to contact if they cannot make league night. - Be courteous and let your opponent know early if you cannot make league night. (Non-members at The Spa can access the courts to play on league night for $5.00 payable at the front desk)

Early Bird Price Regular Price Late Entry Price
Name N/A
11th Nov, 2017
Squash League Fee N/A 15.00 N/A