City Houses 2023 - CBA Team nominations

Start Date:
6th March 2023, 12:00am
End Date:
4th May 2023, 12:00am

Welcome to the biggest Squash event in the Sydney CBD, the City Houses Teams Competition. Now into its 71st continuous year.

As previous CBA players, you are invited to play for the Commonwealth Bank Sydney Squash Club in 2023

Entry and payment for the comp for the CBA teams is via Sporty HQ.

Some details for the comp
1. Cost this year is $145 ($5 is to cover the Sporty HQ admin fee)
2. Comp starts the second week in May 2023
3. The commitment is at most 1 night per week from 5.30 to 8pm. 4 players from your team will play on that one night per week. However, typically a team will have about 6 players to cover when players are away etc.
4. The draw will be available about 1 week before the comp starts.
5. The entry fee includes entry into the Competitions opening night in late May at the Tattersalls Club (official invite to come at a later date)
6. There will be 2 socials during the comp – a “rules” night at the beginning and a presentation / cocktail night at the end of the Comp around late Oct.
7. The comp caters for players of all levels from State grade players to absolute beginners. So don’t think you are not good enough to play in this comp.
8. Entries close on Friday 21st April
NB:- If you want to play in a particular team with other players or you have a regular team please put the other players names in the "If entering a team please submit the other players names". Note all players will still have to enter as individuals and make the $145 payment

Please extend this invite to anyone who think may be interested in playing in the comp.

Early Bird Price Regular Price Late Entry Price
Name N/A
1st Sep, 2023
Competition Fees N/A 145.00 N/A