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Box leagues

Box league management made easy!

Box leagues normally take significant time to manage, especially when transitioning from one competition to the next. Not anymore. With SportyHQ, your box leagues will run like a well-oiled machine.

sportyHQ What is a box league?

What is a box league?

If you’re unfamiliar with the box league format, it is essentially a round robin, split up into divisions. Most box leagues require players to complete a series of matches against other players in their division, within a set time period (typically one month). At the end of each box cycle, players move up, down or remain unchanged based on their results.

sportyHQ Why you should consider box leagues…

Why you should consider box leagues…

The box league format is great for getting people to play a good variety of players, in a competitive environment, on a regular basis. It’s fantastic for new members, as it gets them interacting with your members quickly. It also helps increase court reservations as players try to complete all of their games within your set time frame.

sportyHQ Flexible scoring options

Flexible scoring options

Choose from a variety of scoring options:

  • Assign points for a win, loss or draw. Give bonus points to players who complete all their matches
  • Assign points for each possible outcome of a match
  • Choose whether to allow draws or incomplete results
sportyHQ Let players opt in or out of your box league

Let players opt in or out of your box league

If you enable this feature, your club members will be able to opt in or out of your box league. When it comes time to schedule your next box cycle, you’ll see a list of new participants ready to play while those who opted out are automatically removed. Members can opt in or out with one click.

sportyHQ Other forms

Move from one competition to the next in minutes…

With SportyHQ, moving from one box cycle to the next takes mere minutes. SportyHQ helps you promote or demote people automatically, add in or remove players and quickly and drag ‘n drop players into their appropriate divisions.

sportyHQ Communicate efficiently

Communicate efficiently

As an administrator of the box league, you’ll be able to send an email to all of your box league participants, all from within the SportyHQ interface. Your box league participants can also send group emails to the other participants in their box division, making it incredibly convenient for them to find out when other people can play their matches.

sportyHQ Communicate efficiently

Players enter the results

Ease your administrative burden by letting players enter in their own match results. Whenever a result is entered, email notifications are sent to both players so that any errors can be resolved quickly.

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