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SportyHQ makes communicating with users simple. We remove the need to manage lists and ensure high delivery rates through our highly available technology platform.

sportyHQ Lists at your fingertips

Lists at your fingertips

SportyHQ groups people together intelligently so you can focus on writing your message and getting it to the right people quickly.

  • emails to everyone
  • emails limited to players in specific draws
  • emails to everyone
  • emails to captain only
  • emails to players within certain teams or divisions
  • emails to everyone
  • emails to entire membership
  • specific membership types only
  • active or expired members
  • many other options
Governing Bodies
  • emails to everyone
  • emails to specific ranking groups
  • people in a search result
  • expired members
  • many other options
sportyHQ Personalize your messages

Personalize your messages

SportyHQ has a variety of personalization fields to make your messages feel like you’ve sent them to each person individually. Instead of “Hi everyone”, your message can include the recipient’s name. We make other merge fields available specific to the feature being used.

sportyHQ Post announcements within SportyHQ

Post announcements within SportyHQ

You can also post messages inside of SportyHQ. These messages appear on the dashboards of applicable recipients. Highlight important messages and keep track of who has seen your messages with open metrics. Upload attachments, include photos and categorize news.

If you’re using SportyHQ’s website builder as well, these news items can also form your website’s blog .

sportyHQ Happy Birthday to you

Happy Birthday to (#You#)

Automatically send out personalized birthday greetings to your members. You can compose the subject and message including personalized fields such as first and last name, then leave the rest to us.

Player-to-player messaging

SportyHQ helps players message each other. We maintain privacy of contact information and enable ways for players to communicate with each other through profile pages. In addition, players who participate in box leagues or team leagues will be able to email all other people in their box division or league team respectfully, in one message. Time saving, fast and easy.

SportyHQ Player-to-player messaging
SportyHQ Player-to-player messaging
SportyHQ Player-to-player messaging

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