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Book courts from the palm of your hand

Make it incredibly convenient for people to book courts at your facility. No more phone calls. Just a few clicks, and they're done.

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Still using pen & paper?

Moving your court bookings online will make a world of difference to your members, staff and general club well-being. Accept reservations 24/7, make it simple for your members to see court availability without having to phone your facility and free up valuable time that your front desk staff could use for other tasks.

sportyHQ Personalize your messages

The SportyHQ
bookings app

Book, edit and manage all your bookings with the SportyHQ booking app and manage your life in the palm of your hand. It’s a free download for Android and iPhone.

sportyHQ Configure your courts to the minute…

Configure your courts to the minute…

Our booking system lets you add and group all of your courts, rooms or anything else that you’d like to accept reservations for. Each court (or “asset”) can be setup with flexible booking increments that can change for each day of the week. Set prime & non-prime times and configure a full range of booking permissions.

Booking types
Whether you’re booking a solo practice session, playing with a member or guest, still looking for a player, singles, doubles, you name it… SportyHQ has the solution for you.
sportyhq Playing With [Name]
Playing With [Name]

Allows members to add any other member from your facility to play a friendly or challenge match (friendly matches don’t count towards rankings but are recorded under player stats).

sportyhq Solo Practice
Solo Practice

Allows members to book the court just for themselves. As a facility you have full ability to allow this type of booking or only allow it during certain times of the day/week.

sportyhq Still Looking For Player
Still Looking For Player

Allows members to book a court notifying other members they are looking for a match. Members who see this can join the match with a single click.

sportyhq Booking payments
Booking payments

Want to charge for court or facility bookings? Simply select the courts you’d like this to apply to and then add the rate. Your rates can be customized based on the time of day, length of booking and the booking type being selected.

sportyhq Booking policies
Booking policies

With SportyHQ you have full access to add as many membership types, with accompanying policies, as you need. This allows you complete control over your membership, from restricting juniors during certain hours, to managing prime time hours, as examples.

sportyhq Track your members booking history
Track your members booking history

Ever wondered who booked a particular court on a specific date? With SportyHQ you can go back and search each day individually as well as run detailed reports for any dates you select.

sportyhq Booking payments
Easy block bookings

With block bookings you’ll be able to book off and group hundreds of courts with the click of a button, saving you time as an admin or staff member. Have a recurring event? Simply click the day(s) you want it to appear and click save. It’s that simple.

TV display mode

With TV display mode you can keep your membership informed at all times by displaying current court and facility bookings in real time. No refreshing or waiting for updates.

sportyHQ Gain valuable insights with booking statistics

Gain valuable insights with booking statistics

With SportyHQ’s comprehensive booking stats you can view bookings by type, bookings by day of the week, court usage, bookings by asset, bookings by sport, by member demographics and much more.

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