sportyHQ Ladders

Ladders done the modern way

With time being a valuable commodity it's not always easy for members to commit to a league. Ladders create that competitive environment and SportyHQ takes the heavy-lifting out of running them.

sportyHQ Create and manage your ladders online

Create and manage your ladders online

SportyHQ lets you create as many ladders as required, across all the sports your facility operates. Add and remove members, and change their ladder position by simple dragging and dropping them to the appropriate position.

sportyHQ Challenge tracking

Challenge tracking

SportyHQ lets members challenge each other based on your ladder rules. The challenge is coordinated through our system, keeping track of challenges that are accepted, rejected or ignored.

sportyHQ Challenge rules, automated

Challenge rules, automated

Linked to your player profile are your full match history and statistics based on the events you’ve played in and the results recorded to your account. View head-to-head analysis, match winning percentages and many other statistics about individual players.

sportyHQ Opt in or out

Opt in or out

When enabled, players can opt in or out of your ladder. This gives them the flexibility to compete when their schedule permits, or remove their name when they don’t have time to defend their position. They can opt in or out with just one click!

sportyHQ Player tracking and statistics

Player tracking and statistics

As players move up and down over time, SportyHQ will track their progress. In addition, we provide historical statistics on the number of players in your box league, their demographics, number of results and many other analytics that will help you understand your ladders in new productive ways.

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