sportyHQ Membership management
Membership management

Membership management

SportyHQ's membership management system helps facilities and governing bodies increase membership, drive revenue and improve efficiently so that you can spend your time on promoting your organization, rather than administration.

sportyHQ Players, coaches, officials and contacts

Players, coaches, officials and contacts

At its core, SportyHQ provides a powerful Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system for you to manage all your contacts. You have easy access to search and manage your players, coaches, officials and any other contacts you maintain.


Manage their contact information, affiliation status, membership type, playing privileges, and more.


Keep track of your coaches, their current credentials, qualifications and accreditation history. Upload documents or add notes to their record. And create a searchable database for your community so they can easily find their next coach through your website.


Keep track of referees, umpires and other officials. Track their qualifications, accreditation status and more. When used in combination with our tournament and league systems, you can assign officials to the event as well as to individual matches.

Other contacts

To help maintain all your contacts under one roof, we have an External Contacts feature which is designed to keep track of organizations and people who don’t fit in to the categories above. These might include media contacts, university or school contacts and so forth.

sportyHQ Your members can login with their own account

Your members can login with their own account

All your members can login with their own credentials, allowing them to interact with your organization in new and exciting ways. It’s their gateway to access a host of SportyHQ features, such as signing up and managing event entries, recording their match results, communicating with your organization as well as other members and many other services.

sportyHQ Extend with your own custom data fields

Extend with your own custom data fields

SportyHQ provides all the typical data fields you would expect, such as name, address, phone number, date of birth and so forth. If you want to extend beyond this, you have unlimited capability to do so with our custom fields feature. Create any combination of text inputs, dropdown lists, radio buttons, checklists, date fields and more.

sportyHQ Automatically issue membership IDs

Automatically issue membership IDs

For active members of your facility or organization, SportyHQ can automatically issue membership IDs in a variety of formats...

  • Auto-incrementing numbers (e.g. 12345, 12346, etc.)
  • Random sets (e.g. A31ACZ, Z38AC, etc.)
  • Custom - use your own format.
sportyHQ Sync membership data

Sync membership data

If your club or organization is part of a regional, national or international body, our membership syncing feature adds tremendous value by regularly syncing authorized members between partners. For example, if a club automatically affiliates its members to its regional body, which then affiliates those members to its national body, SportyHQ can automate that entire process, growing membership numbers at each level.

sportyHQ Put your membership payments on auto-pilot

Put your membership payments on auto-pilot

SportyHQ has full capability to handle new members, as well as existing members renewing their membership. New or existing members can choose from payment plans you establish, which can be based on an auto-recurring schedule, or on fixed date membership periods. As soon as your members complete payment, their membership status automatically updates.

sportyHQ Maintain user agreements

Maintain user agreements

If your club or organization requires a member to agree to updated documents, such as terms or privacy agreements, SportyHQ’s User Agreement feature lets you upload that document and have members accept it on their next login to the system. We then provide you with all the reporting you need to see who has viewed and accepted the agreement.

sportyHQ Analyze your membership data

Analyze your membership data

Not only does SportyHQ make managing your membership data simple, it also provides in-depth analytics as to who your members are. We provide insight using demographics, location, length of membership, activity and much more. This data is available with a few clicks, saving you hours of time extracting and analyzing data manually.

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