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Photos & Document Sharing

Store and share photos and documents

Create a central storage for all your photos and documents, so they aren’t scattered across the Internet. You can share photos and documents with anyone, or restrict it to your members.

sportyHQ Create photo galleries

Create photo galleries

Create an unlimited number of photo folders to centralize your organization's full visual history in one location rather than stored (or lost) in multiple locations such as Facebook, Google Drives, Dropbox Folders, etc. With SportyHQ, your photos are attached to your organization and easily accessible for your membership to see.

sportyHQ Create folders and upload documents

Create folders and upload documents

Create and share folders with your membership or anyone else you choose. You can upload documents, such as membership policies, board meeting agendas, bylaws and any other documents to this repository.

sportyHQ Unlimited storage

Unlimited storage

SportyHQ has no restriction on storage, meaning your photos and documents can grow with your organization without limits. Great for capturing commemorative club events and anniversaries now and into the future.

sportyHQ Integrate photos and documents into your website

Integrate photos and documents into your website

If you’re using SportyHQ’s website builder, you can easily include photo galleries or document folders into your website. As you add, edit or remove items, your website will update automatically. SportyHQ makes sure your photos and documents look great, and are accessible on both desktop and mobile devices.

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