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Statistics & reports

Advanced statistics and reporting

SportyHQ has dozens of built-in reports that help you analyze your data and export the information you need in seconds.

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Within each section of SportyHQ are reporting tools that make it easy to analyze and extract the information you need to operate at your highest efficiency. With SportyHQ’s advance statistics and reporting features you’ll have all the important information right at your fingertips in an easy to understand format.

Clubs & Facilities
Membership report

Download a full list of membership data in to CSV or Excel format.

Membership statistics

View breakdowns of your membership by various demographics, geography, membership types and activity levels.

Affiliation reports

View the affiliation status of your members with governing bodies that your facility is connected with.


View a full breakdown of transactions made by your members.


Download results history for your members, categorized by sport.

Court bookings
Booking history

Download a complete listing of bookings made to CSV or Excel.

Court booking statistics

View breakdowns of your bookings by time of day, demographics, membership types and the court or asset being utilized. Very useful for planning purposes!

Individual member booking history

View the booking activity of each individual member.

Canceled bookings history

See a complete listing of canceled courts, including who canceled it and whether it is flagged as a late cancellation, based on your booking policies.

User balance and transaction history

If you use SportyHQ’s booking payment functionality, you’ll have complete insight in to payments made and user balances.

Governing bodies
Membership search & download

Perform a search and then download the results to CSV or Excel format. For example, download a list of expired members, or users with a specific membership type. This functionality puts you in total control of your data.

Membership statistics BETA

View a statistical analysis of your membership. View your total membership over time, activity, demographics and much more. Ideal for governmental reporting and funding requirements.

User agreements

See who is yet to accept your latest agreements, such as terms of service or privacy policies.

Code violations

Download a list of code violations that have been filed against players in your database.

Coaches, officials and entities

Download all of your coaches, officials and other contacts (we call them external entities) that are stored in your organization.

Ranking lists

Download all of your ranking lists for easy export into CSV or Excel formats.

League membership expiry report

If your organization sanctions local leagues that require active membership, then this report will help you quickly identify unpaid members. There’s also a feature to make it easy to email these players in bulk.

Facilities list

Download a full list of facilities associated with your organization.

Transactional reports

Access a variety of reports showing payments made for membership, events and for payouts made to you by SportyHQ.

Custom reporting BETA

Choose your own data points and see the results in visual or exportable formats. For example, want to see how many matches were played by junior girls in the 2nd quarter of last year? Select the criteria, click submit and see the results instantly.

Entry list

Download a full entry list of people participating in your tournament in CSV format.

Players by draw

Download an Excel spreadsheet of players by draw, conveniently separated in to tabs for each event.

Press schedule & results

SportyHQ provides a press-friendly report of your schedule and matches, available for each day of your event.

Custom fields

If you used custom fields to collect extra information during registration (such as a t-shirt size), the custom field reports will let you view this information in a variety of formats.


Download a listing of players with their associated ranking.

Publish log

SportyHQ also tracks every change made to your draws in case disputes are raised by your participates.


View a complete listing of transactions made by participants and any fees associated with those transactions, such as gateway and sanctioning fees.

Team leagues
Player report

Download a full listing of people playing in your team league, along with their associated team and club information.

League statistics

View a graphical breakdown of your league by various demographics, such as age and gender. Also view participation in your league across seasons.

Export results

Download all of the results for your league season into a CSV file.

Affiliated membership status

If your league is sanctioned and requires membership to that governing body, SportyHQ provides reports to show the current membership status of each player.

Transaction reports

If you use the team registration feature, you’ll have access to a full range of transactional reports.

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