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A league platform like no other, powering leagues from a few dozen to several thousand players, all across the globe.

sportyHQ Overview


SportyHQ’s team league manager will make your life as an administrator easier. We cover all the basics such as creating divisions, teams and players. But it’s the string of bells and whistles SportyHQ provides that will help leapfrog your league’s online presence into a modern, versatile and highly efficient experience for everyone involved.

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The basics, covered

Our league platform lets you create seasons, divisions and teams. You can set team positions, assign captains and vice-captains, create customized scoring systems, set up your schedule, allow players (or just captains) to enter results, set court assignments and much more.

sportyHQ A scheduler that won’t let you down

A scheduler that won’t let you down

SportyHQ’s scheduler puts you in the driver’s seat. Choose what night of the week teams play, set limits on the number of teams allowed to be scheduled by venue, schedule all of your divisions at once and even create your own round robin structure. No matter how you schedule your league, SportyHQ has the tools you need to get the job done.

sportyHQ Scoring systems

Scoring systems

SportyHQ provides you with a fully customizable set of scoring systems. You can assign bonus points, give penalty points when needed and have the system automatically send out notifications if a team hasn’t entered its last round’s results within a desired time period.

sportyHQ Live scoring
Squash only Other sports coming soon

Live scoring

Using SportyHQ’s live squash scoring app (Score Squash), you can use your mobile phone to score and input league results. Point-by-point, as scores are entered into the app, the data is sent to SportyHQ. Live scores can be followed online by interested parties, and at the conclusion of the match, the score is automatically entered and the team standings updated. It’s all available standard as part of the SportyHQ league platform.

sportyHQ Let players set their availability

Let players set their availability

Players can set their availability round by round in the system. Their captain can then use this information to set their team’s line-up online. When the captain submits the line-up, all team members receive a notification email letting them know who is playing, along with any other information the captain enters.

sportyHQ Choose who can enter results

Choose who can enter results

When you’re ready to move from one season to the next, SportyHQ helps minimize the effort involved in setting up your new season. With a few clicks, you can duplicate divisions, teams and players from the previous season. And if you need to promote, relegate, add or remove teams, you can do that easily as well.

sportyHQ Moving from season to season

Moving from season to season

SportyHQ gives you the option to allow entire teams, only captains, or administrators to enter results. Allowing teams or captains to enter results can save a tremendous amount of time for administrators. And as soon as a result is entered, the system updates instantly, sending result confirmations to players and updating league standings and various statistics.

sportyHQ Sponsors


Recognizing the value of sponsorship to many leagues, SportyHQ included functionality options on league pages to allow for sponsor exposure. You can name leagues after sponsors, incorporate their logos plus corporate information on your main league page with room for more than one sponsor at a time. This assures sponsors prominent and repeated visibility in return for their sponsorship.

sportyHQ Online registration and payment

Online registration and payment

SportyHQ also makes it easy to accept registrations and payment online for teams. Captains or club administrators can enter their team details, answer any specific questions you need answers for, and even complete payment online. You can offer incentives for early registration, or impose a penalty for late entrants. You can also ensure that each team agrees to any terms, rules or policies that you incorporate in to the registration process.

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