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sportyHQ Overview


SportyHQ will allow you to accept online entries, manage and schedule draws, communicate easily with participants, recognize sponsors and provide comprehensive reporting on all aspects of your event. The tournament platform has been used by small tournaments at a single venue, through to international events with thousands of participants across a dozen venues. And all you’ll need to run your tournament is a modern web browser.

It starts with your tournament info page

Your tournament’s information page gives interested and registered participants and spectators all the information they need to access the various components of your event. Display tournament information, posters, links to draws, registration information, recent results, sponsor logos and much more.

sportyHQ It starts with your tournament info page
sportyHQ For players thinking about registering...

For players thinking about registering...

If a player is interested in playing in your tournament but not ready to commit, they can register their interest. SportyHQ adds this player to a prospects list that you can view and email, giving you the chance to try and convert them to registered participants. People who register their interest will also receive automatic reminders from SportyHQ as the entry deadline approaches.

sportyHQ Online registration

Online registration

SportyHQ’s registration platform takes the headache out tournament entries. By moving the process online, players can securely enter the tournament, selecting only events that they are eligible for (based on gender or age). You’re also able to create an unlimited number of data fields, which can be used to capture information like t-shirt size or any other information that you need. You can sell items, require active membership with a sanctioning governing body and require users to agree to any terms & conditions.

sportyHQ Secure online payment

Secure online payment

SportyHQ also lets you collect payment for your event online. Players can pay all associated tournament fees using a variety of payment options. SportyHQ will then transfer the entry fees direct to your bank account. We provide the payment gateway interface, so there’s no complicated paperwork to fill in. Just provide and verify your contact and bank details, and that’s it.

sportyHQ Let players modify or withdraw their entry

Let players modify or withdraw their entry

If enabled, players are able to modify their entry, such as moving to another event, or changing out a doubles partner. They’re also able to withdraw from the event entirely if done before the registration deadline. The system can automatically initiate a refund, if applicable.

Create draws

SportyHQ supports dozens of draw types, including:

  • Simple knockout draws
  • Knockout draw with up to 3 guaranteed matches
  • Round robins with optional standard or cross-over playoffs
  • Swiss draws
  • Feed-in consolation draws
  • Qualification draws

You have complete control over player positions, seeding placements and randomizations, byes, draw display options and more.

Schedule your tournament

We provide a variety of ways to manually or automatically schedule your event. You can schedule hundreds of matches with a few clicks and SportyHQ checks for any conflicts that might arise, such as a player playing two matches in too short of a timespan. Moving matches is a simple as dragging and dropping them on a calendar and you’ll have all the info you need on each day of your tournament via the tournament’s control sheet.

sportyHQ Schedule your tournament
sportyHQ Secure online payment

Printable resources

Print off one or multiple draws in PDF format. Print scoresheets with player names and match locations pre-filled. Print off your court control sheet or entry list. These are just some of the many printable resources SportyHQ provides you with. And wherever possible, we include your tournament and sponsor logos on these printable resources to give maximum exposure.

sportyHQ Communicate with your participants

Communicate with your participants

Getting information out to your participants quickly and reliably is critical. SportyHQ makes this easy by providing mass emailer and SMS capabilities. Within these tools, you can target who should receive your communication, whether it be participants in a particular draw, or anybody in your tournament.

sportyHQ Exportable reports

Exportable reports

SportyHQ provides a full range of exportable reports, including entry lists, results, placings, transactional records and more. To learn more about our reporting and statistics features, please click here.

sportyHQ Recognize your sponsors

Recognize your sponsors

SportyHQ helps maximize your sponsorship exposure by displaying their logo throughout the tournament pages and printed materials. In addition to their logo, you can also include information about their business and a link off to their website.

sportyHQ Live scoring
Squash only Other sports coming soon

Live scoring

SportyHQ’s live scoring capabilities allow you to use any modern phone to live score matches. As soon as a match is completed using the app, the scores are inputted into the draw, saving the tournament administrators valuable time having to manually enter results.

sportyHQ Tournament summary & survey

Tournament summary & survey

At the end of your tournament, SportyHQ provides an easy way to send a summary of the tournament to all of your participants. The summary email includes a recap of results and a listing of sponsors. In addition, they’ll be provided with a link to a survey to help provide you with feedback about your event.

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