2019 Annual Awards Nominations

Nominate club and reason why the club should be considered for this award. CRITERIA INCLUDES: - Be a registered club/centre with the largest increase in affiliations, compared to previous year - Hosting events - Working closely with Squash Australia's programmes - Have players compete in pennant competitions - Use of SportyHQ - Participate in Oz Squash initiatives - Track record of recruiting new/social players
Name the club you're nominating and the reason for the nomination. Criteria is the same as 'club of the year' award above.
Outline who you are nominating and how they meet the below criteria. CRITERIA INCLUDES: Contribution to Squash Australia programmes Contribution to Squash in Australia Volunteers in their spare time Works with young players Works to support events
Name the coach you are nominating and why they should be selected. CRITERIA INCLUDES: Coaching work in support of Squash Australia programmes Coaching work in support of Squash in Australia Working with young players Rate of coaching development through the year