Sguais Uibhist Team League

Sguais Uibhist team league rules

Team captain is responsible for ensuring that a team of 3 from their squad is available for each fixture

All players must play opponents in strict rank order, as specified on this google sheet.  Players can play in their listed position or higher, never lower.  For example, #3 from HIAL can play against #1, #2 or #3 from NHS, but not #4 or #5.

Each pair of players play a match, best of 5 games, each game PAR to 15 (win by 2).

On the night, usually the order of play should be reverse rank order (highest ranking players play last).  This is because the last match will often be the decider and it's not fair to put that pressure on weaker players.

New players can be added to a team at any point, but players cannot change team before the end of the league.

Each team will play all other teams in the league twice: once as the "home" team and once as the "away" team. 

  • The "home" team is responsible for booking the court (2 hour booking at least for 3 matches).  Please make bookings well in advance.
  • Players from the "home" team mark games.  Marker keeps track of score, records score and referees disputes 
    • See this video for advice on how to call "yes let", "no let" and "stroke" after a player claims interference
    • We recommend using the sportyHQ app: (android, iPhone) to keep track of scores, as it will update our sportyHQ site in real-time.
  • "Home" team captain is responsible for making sure that results are registered with SportyHQ 
  • Results must be entered into SportyHQ within 3 days of play, but ideally should be entered on the night