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The tools you need to take your facility forwards

From membership management to running competitions, SportyHQ’s suite of services provide you with a modern platform to support your facility’s activities.

sportyHQ  Starting with your membership database

Starting with your membership database

SportyHQ provides you with a flexible membership database that can store all of the information you need to keep about your members. You have the ability to create new data fields, have membership IDs automatically generate, import an existing spreadsheet of your members, and much more.

Learn more about membership management

sportyHQ Collect membership fees

Collect membership fees

You can also use SportyHQ’s payment platform to receive membership fees. You can create different plans to cater to different membership types that you offer, and there’s the option of one-time or recurring payments. The system will track expiry dates and remind members as their renewal deadline approaches.

Whether you have new members signing up, or existing memberships looking to renew, SportyHQ has full capability to support your facilities membership requirements.

sportyHQ Powerful communication tools

Powerful communication tools

SportyHQ also makes it easy to send emails to your members, saving you time from having to manage email lists. With a few clicks, you can search for members by type, expiry date or virtually any other criteria and then fire off an email to them. You can even personalize the emails by using our “merge fields” and create a standard email template with your facility’s logo and contact information.

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sportyHQ Run tournaments, leagues, ladders and rankings

Run tournaments, leagues, ladders and rankings

SportyHQ also provides you with a suite of features to run your facility’s competitions and rankings. Whether you’re running a tournament, box league, team league, ladder or trying to establish a ranking for your membs, SportyHQ has the tools you need to achieve the task. You can learn more about each of these features using the links below:

sportyHQ Online court and room bookings

Online court and room bookings

Using SportyHQ’s booking module will make it simple for people to make reservations at your facility. SportyHQ lets you add and categorize your courts/rooms and setup permissions based on people’s booking privileges.

SportyHQ also has a mobile app available for Apple and Android devices that lets people make reservations from the palm of their hand. With a few taps, people can make new reservations, edit or cancel existing reservations, and receive push notifications when a reservation is starting shortly.

Learn more about court and facility bookings

sportyHQ Build your facility’s website on SportyHQ’s platform

Build your facility’s website on SportyHQ’s platform

SportyHQ’s website module lets you build a beautiful, professional and mobile-friendly website using content blocks. That means you don’t have to be a professional designer to build a website that looks great and is easy to maintain.

And because it’s part of the SportyHQ ecosystem, it integrates with many of the other services offered. For example, you can integrate your bookings page in to your site, incorporate photos or documents, show your calendar, post news and announcements and much more.

Learn more about the website builder

sportyHQ Collect registrations for any type of event

Collect registrations for any type of event

SportyHQ’s events feature makes it easy for you to capture registrations (and payments, if necessary) to any event. Whether it be a regular drop in, a function, programs, classes or something else, our events and forms features have you covered.

Learn more about the event registration & forms feature

sportyHQ Your members also have login access

Your members also have login access

Each of your members will also be able to login to SportyHQ to access your club’s services. After they login, they can renew their membership, access court or facility bookings, join competitions, record results, see their ranking and much, much more.

Learn more about user profiles

sportyHQ Collect registrations for any type of event

Photos and document storage

Instead of your photos ending up scattered across different sites, SportyHQ’s photo storage feature helps you all of your important photos from events at your facility in SportyHQ. You can then share them with the public, or just your members. And if you’re running your website on SportyHQ, it’s easy to build an album in there too.

For facility documents, such as constitutions, membership forms or other items, you can use SportyHQ’s document feature to create folders and upload files. Again, you have the option to make these publicly available, or only available to your members.

Learn more about photo & document sharing

How other platforms
integrate with SportyHQ

By combining so many features in one platform, there’s a synergy that will help drive and sustain interaction between players. Facilities that have implemented SportyHQ typically see an increase in bookings, greater interest in rankings and increase administrative efficiency, leaving staff to spend more time on growing and nurturing your business. But don’t take our word for it, here are a few testimonials from our customers….

Bentall Centre Athletic Club

Bentall Centre Athletic Club

We have been with SportyHQ since they started and they’ve steadily developed new and exciting features that have always been well received by our members. The time I have to spend managing things like box leagues and court bookings pales in comparison to what it used to be. Needless to say, we highly recommend SportyHQ to you!
Andrew Lynn, Assistant Pro
Bentall Centre Athletic Club

Clubview Tennis Club

SportyHQ is an incredible platform. It offers so much under one roof that we’ve been able to get rid of multiple vendors. But most importantly, our members love the bookings, ladders and (friendly) competitive play that it creates with the club.
Iain Smith, Board Member
Sandgate Squash Club

Sandgate Squash Club

SportyHQ has become integral to our club’s operation. They help us collect membership payments, run our website, internal competitions and court bookings. The power of embracing the entire suite of services can’t be underestimated. We hope to see them in every club, the world over.
Nathan Turnbull, Sandgate Squash


SportyHQ is aimed to be affordable for clubs of any size, of any budget. There are four modules available, designed so that facilities can choose exactly the services they’d like to use. For more information, please visit the pricing page, or contact us.