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A platform for modern day sports governance

SportyHQ is a web-based platform that will help you manage your full membership database, sanction and run events like tournaments and leagues, manage rankings, take payments and so much more.

sportyHQ All your contacts under one roof

All your contacts under one roof

SportyHQ at its core gives you a CRM that lets you add your players, coaches, officials and other contacts so that you can manage all of the people you interact with from one system. You have unlimited capability to extend the database by creating your own custom data fields to store any information that you need to about individuals or facilities.

From there, we give you powerful search tools to make it easy to find members matching your criteria. For example, easily find members who are coming up for renewal. Once you’ve performed your search, it’s easy to view, export or email the matching results.

Membership management

sportyHQ Collect membership fees

Manage and grow your membership

SportyHQ recognizes the relationship between governing bodies and facilities within their region. Using several powerful features and with the correct agreements in place, we make it easy to automatically sync membership information from facilities or other governing bodies within your region to your contacts.

It’s also easy for facility administrators to affiliate their members with you using our bulk renewal membership tools.

Membership management

Since adopting SportyHQ and using their powerful CRM tools, we’ve been able to increase our member database size by over 40% and go from many systems to one.

Richard Vaughan, CEO of Squash Australia
sportyHQ Use online payments to increase revenues

Use online payments to increase revenues

SportyHQ can help your organization collect online payments for membership, tournaments, leagues and other events. And to help ensure people are paying all applicable fees, we have tools to enforce membership requirements when your organization sanctions an event.

In addition, SportyHQ recognises the regional structure of organizations and can help collect all fees accordingly. For example, if you are a national organization with regional associations throughout your country, SportyHQ can collect regional, national and event fees all in a single transaction, and then disperse that payment automatically to the appropriate recipients.

sportyHQ Collect membership fees

Put your rankings on auto-pilot

SportyHQ has a flexible rankings module to help cater to the unique requirements of each organization. We provide an out-of-the-box algorithm that organizations are welcome to use, but then offer a custom points table system and algorithmic builder for organizations that have their own systems in place that they'd like to migrate to SportyHQ.

SportyHQ then lets you create an unlimited number of ranking lists based on any criteria that you need. More information on the ranking system is available below.


sportyHQ Sanction tournaments and leagues

Sanction tournaments and leagues

The entire event sanctioning process can be handled through the SportyHQ platform. From an event organizer requesting sanctioning and agreeing to your sanctioning terms, through to you reviewing and approving the request.

If a sanctioned event then requires its participants to hold an active membership with your governing body, SportyHQ is able to check and add on any applicable membership fees. There’s also the option of a guest fee in instances where you allow non-members to participate. This process has helped increase revenues and cash-flows to many of SportyHQ’s clients around the world.

sportyHQ Communicate easily with your membership

Communicate easily with your membership

SportyHQ makes it simple to search and email groups of members in a few clicks. For example, you can quickly find memberships that are about to expire and email those people. Find and contact users in a particular region, or email your entire database in minutes. It’s really that simple.

Learn more about our communication features

sportyHQ Add your entire network of facilities and sub-organizations

Add your entire network of facilities and sub-organizations

SportyHQ recognises the multiple levels of organizations that exist in sports management. From international to national, regional and local, SportyHQ’s platform will allow you to create and support this structure.

SportyHQ then lets you easily recognise a user’s relationship within that hierarchy to do things such as collect sanctioning and membership fees at each level.

sportyHQ Take your website to the next level...

Take your website to the next level...

Our website platform can help you build a professional and modern website that interacts seamlessly with many of our other features. This not only delivers greater value to the players in your region, but increases your efficiency by only having to update information in one time to have it updated everywhere.

The website platform again also recognizes the hierarchy between multiple levels of governing bodies. If you have organizations within your region as well, then by building all of your websites on SportyHQ’s platform, you can automatically have news, events and other content shared between the sites, keeping content fresh and up to date.

Website builder

sportyHQ Manage user agreements

Manage user agreements

SportyHQ gives you the tools you need to manage and track acceptance of agreements from your members, such as for a privacy policy. With this feature, you can track who has seen a new or updated agreement and request the user accept the terms when they next login to the platform. Once viewed, there’s also an option to have the user auto-accept if they haven’t manually agreed to it before a set number of days after they first see it.

sportyHQ Take your website to the next level...

Code violation management

SportyHQ provides tools to manage the full lifecycle of code violation cases. This includes:

  • Setup all of your code violation offenses and point levels.
  • Event officials are able to directly create code violation cases.
  • If appeals are allowed, that entire process can be managed through SportyHQ.
  • Any applicable suspension points can be applied and enforced.
sportyHQ Translation support

Translation support

SportyHQ is able to be translated into any language! Our translation engine can be opened to you for help with translation, or we have access to a professional translation service that can prepare the interface within days.

sportyHQ Extend outside of SportyHQ with our API

Extend outside of SportyHQ with our API

SportyHQ does a lot, but no platform can do it all. That’s why SportyHQ believes in APIs and the ability to allow other platforms to interact programmatically via APIs. SportyHQ has a broad range of APIs available to organizations that are looking to extend their integration beyond SportyHQ’s system. To learn more about our API, please contact us or visit the API feature page.


SportyHQ’s platform is priced to be welcoming to organizations of any size, from under 100 members to tens of thousands of users. Because of the broad spectrum of organizations out there with varying requirements, we do ask you to contact us in order to get an accurate quote. Please click here to start that process.

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