2019 Mirrabooka Classic Open Tournament

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PSA Satellite Event!

This tournament is open to all players from right in the heart of this state to players from all over the world!

Entries are take via SportyHQ

1. RULES: The tournament will be played under WSF Rules, WA Squash Tournament By-Laws and, where relevant, WA Squash Pennant By-Laws.
2. CLOTHING: Clothing as provided for in the WA Squash Tournament Clothing Regulations is to be worn.
3. PAYMENT: Players will not be permitted to play until their entry fee is paid. They must also be a registered player with WA Squash.
4. PLAYING TIMES: All players must be available to play from 9.00am and at any other time specified during the Tournament. First round times will be available from Squashworld Mirrabooka and WA Squash on Thursday July 4th. It is the player's responsibility to establish the time and date of their first and subsequent matches.
5. THE DRAW: The PSA Mens open Draw will be Swiss 16. All draws shall utilise a Swiss Draw format except where entries are less than 7 in which case a round robin draw may be used.
6. BALLS: Dunlop Double Yellow dot balls will be used for all Divisions.
7. EVENTS: All matches shall consist of the best of five games, with PAR11 scoring used in the Mens Events and PAR15 in the ladies events. Players are guaranteed a minimum of 2 matches, with 3 the goal.
8. REFEREEING: Players are required to mark/referee the match before or after their match as directed by the Tournament Director or Tournament Referee.
9. PRESENTATIONS: All players receiving prizes/trophies shall attend the presentation ceremony. Any player not attending must make collection arrangements with the tournament organisers or may forfeit their award.
10. WITHDRAWALS: A player may not withdraw his/her entry from a tournament after the draw has been completed. Any withdrawal will require the tournament fee to be paid. Tournament organisers must be notified immediately of any withdrawal and the reason for such withdrawal.
11. The tournament organisers, WA Squash and it’s officers, employees or agents shall not be liable for any death or personal injury or loss or damage to property sustained or incurred by any person in connection with the
tournament howsoever caused.
12. The Tournament Director reserves the right to accept or refuse any entry, disqualify any player for late arrival or misconduct, combine events, alter match times, and vary conditions of play.
Players entering the tournament agree to:
• Refrain from any conduct which would bring the sport into disrepute.
• Abide by the Regulations and Policies of Squash Australia
• Comply with the reasonable directions of tournament officials.
• No alcohol is to be consumed by any junior.
• Irrespective of age, not to consume any prohibited drugs. Any player found to be under the influence of any prohibited drug during the course of the tournament will be in breach of these conditions.
• Participate in any random drug testing conducted by the appropriate authority.
• The player is to be registered and an insured member with their Club/State or country of origin.
• Eyewear is compulsory for all juniors, aged 19 and under.
I agree to comply with the Tournament conditions as set out in this entry form. By submitting this entry form I/we accept the conditions of entry as outlined above. I/we acknowledge that any breach of these conditions will render me/my child liable for suspension for the remainder of the tournament and banned from attending any premises associated with the tournament. I/we understand the Tournament Organising Committee will decide on any suspension in relation to the WA Squash tournament conditions. Any appeal against a decision of the Tournament Organising Committee will be referred to the General Manager of WA Squash. I/we understand WA Squash may invite the Club/State/Territory association of any suspended player to consider any further sanctions against an offending player. I/we understand the Tournament Entry Fees will not be refunded to any suspended player. I/we give permission to WA Squash to use any photographic image taken of me at this event to be used by WA Squash in printed publications on the internet or in other electronic formats.

Please indicate by writing if you DO NOT give permission for photographic images of the player to be used by Mirrabooka or WA Squash.

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Where & When
Fri, Jul 5th 2019
Sun, Jul 7th 2019
Wed, Jul 3rd 2019 9:15pm

Mirrabooka, Western Australia
Sanctioned Event

This is a Squash Australia sanctioned event.

Tournament Officials

Mike Corren

Wembley, Western Australia, AU

Luke Jamieson

Marangaroo, Western Australia, AU

Kane Fasolo

MIRRABOOKA, Western Australia, AU

Tyron Holloway

Balga, Western Australia, AU
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