Women's In-House Competition

Start Date:
18th February 2020, 7:30pm
End Date:
12th May 2020, 9:30pm

Melbourne University Squash Club - WOMENS IN-HOUSE COMPETITION
Season dates:18/02 - 12/05 (week off over Easter)
Solo league.
Suitable for Beginner- Intermediate players (e.g. SSL Womens B/C grade) Hits and Giggles, Learn to Play, and/or Social players)
If you don't want to play pennant but still want to play someone new each week in a fun competition then this is for you!
Not sure? Contact Joy at if you have any questions

Early Bird Price Regular Price Late Entry Price
Name N/A
28th Feb, 2020
28th Feb, 2020
Member Full Comp N/A 50.00 50.00
Non-Member Full Comp N/A 80.00 80.00
Weekly Rate N/A 15.00 15.00