Middlesex Seniors Winter Squash League

League Rules


 League Rules


  • Clubs must be affiliated to England Squash.
  • Clubs which have not paid their affiliation fees to England Squash may, at the discretion of the Committee, be excluded from the League.


Player Registration

  • To be eligible to play in the leagues all player must have a valid England Squash Number registered on SportyHQ
  • Registration must be done prior to the first fixture. Maximum of 20 players.
  • Players must play in the position they are registered in.
  • Registered players may not play in a lower team
  • Players from a lower team may twice in a season “play up” in their correct position in a higher team without becoming registered for that team. 
  • Players who have played three or more matches for a team will become registered for that team and may not subsequently play for a lower team
  • A breach of any of the rules above will result in a walkover only to the game concerned. Games played by other players will not be affected. i.e if position 3 is a walkover, position 4 and 5 will not be affected
  • After the start of the league the players list will be locked and no new players should be added until mid season in January. It's up to the league secretary's discretion to allow any exceptions.


Week of the Match

  • Each captain should use the SportyHQ line-up functionality to choose his/her team's players. The opponent team has the right to know which players are playing before the match day! Breach of this rule may result in a points penalty (up to the discretion of the league secretary).
  • Players must play in the correct order of strength
  • Players may not change places by more than one position relative to each other in any two consecutive fixtures in which the two players concerned are involved. Should they do so, the higher player will be considered ineligible for that match for the purposes of this Rule
  • If an ‘unfit’ player plays, he will be deemed fit enough to play and must, subject to the prior approval of the relevant League Secretary, play in his correct position
  • Teams must exchange their lists of players in playing order before the match commences. A team not so doing may have the fixture awarded against it


Cancelling a Fixture

  • A team cancelling a match within 48 hours will give a walkover, forfeit the points, refund any out-of-pocket court fees to the opposition
  • A team cancelling, or failing to appear, on the day of the match will refund all out-ofpocket expenses of the opposition (i.e. court fees and/or food at a home match...)


On the day

  • On the day of the match home and guest players must arrive at the home match start time assigned on sportyHQ. Any late arrivals should be communicated to the other team as soon as possible. 
  • If a game can not be played due to a late arrival a walkover is given (only to the position concerned). The home team determines if there is enough time (according to court availability for example). This rule must not be abused!!!
  • On the day of the match if a player did not show up for exceptional circumstances, players in positions below the missing player will have to move up one position and the lowest position would be a walkover. i.e If position 3 is missing, position 4 and 5 move up to play opponents in position 3 and 4 and 5 would be a walkover. Both teams can agree to override this to play all players in their original positions but both teams have to agree


Match Results