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Let SportyHQ help you develop the next generation of athletes

SportyHQ provides all the tools you need to run competitions, communicate with parents and provide technology that will help engage and encourage students to perform at their full potential.

sportyHQ Manage your student database

Manage your student database

SportyHQ provides you with the tools you need to manage a database of students enrolled in your sports program. Keep track of their contact details, parents information, activity, affiliations and more.

SportyHQ also makes it easy for you to communicate with students, or their parents without the hassle of having to keep mailing lists up to date. Simply search for the people you want to email, type your message, and hit send. It’s that simple.

sportyHQ Encourage students through competition

Encourage students through competition

SportyHQ gives you the tools you need to create rankings, ladders, tournaments, leagues and other events. This can help fuel the competitive spirit of your students while using technology as a centerpiece to help them see and track their progress. SportyHQ requires nothing more than an internet connection and web browser to function. The ability for your students to be able to see their ranking alongside their fellow companions will help drive your sports program forwards.

sportyHQ Run tournaments & leagues

Run tournaments & leagues

SportyHQ provides you with all the tools you need to run your school tournaments or leagues from start to finish. From online registration through to scheduling, live scoring and many other features, SportyHQ will help you make the most of your events.
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sportyHQ Collect entries for any type of form

Collect entries for any type of form

SportyHQ’s event and registration feature, as well as it’s form creation tool makes it easy to receive applications for any purpose. Whether it be an RSVP to an event, through to registration for a class or clinic, SportyHQ has the tools you’ll need.

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sportyHQ Stats, stats, and more stats

Stats, stats, and more stats

Students are almost always becoming better by the day at their chosen sport. This is why statistics are such a motivating tool for them. Regardless if they are winning or losing, their statistics can help them find positives in almost any scenario. SportyHQ tracks results history, head to heads, and many other stats to help students analyze their game, in real time.

This real time information is an incredibly powerful way in which SportyHQ, through technology, is helping schools motivate their students to be their very best. Each of your students will have their own login to SportyHQ, which is their portal in to accessing information about their sporting history.

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Discounted pricing

Schools most generally fall into our facility pricing. However, we offer discounts to registered schools and charities. We recommend you visit both our facilitiy solutions page, as well as our facility pricing page to learn more.

We are investing in ensuring the success of young athletes and we also encourage you to contact us to discuss any specific requirements you might have.